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We're the only marketing platform that connects and aligns national brands and local retailers to drive sales.

Brands Empowering Their Local Retailers

Here are some of the amazing brands we work with:

GE Appliances
New Balance
Fisher Paykel

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What's in the Boxx?

Your national campaigns, promoted locally.

Brand-approved campaigns are customized for each retailer, ensuring promotion across local channels.

Social Marketing


Email Marketing


Website Content Marketing

Website Content

Local Ads


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Brand-approved, retailer-ready

Make your beautiful, co-branded content available to local retailers to drive sales.

Nissan Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Trek Bicycle Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Nestle Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Nutro Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Electrolux Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Mohawk Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Mizuno Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Bridgestone Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Chevrolet Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Mizuno Digital Retail Co-Branded Content

Co-branded content

Chevrolet Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Electrolux Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Mizuno Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Shaw Floors Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Trek Bicycle Digital Retail Co-Branded Content Nissan Digital Retail Co-Branded Content

Co-branded landing pages

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Easy for busy retailers to participate

Retailers receive an email invite to participate in a campaign and send out your content with the click of a button.

One-Click Retailer Participation One-Click Retailer Participation

One-Click Participation

Massive Retailer Engagement

Massive Engagement

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Reach new local customers

With Promoboxx Local Ads, launch targeted advertising campaigns to reach nearby consumers.

Channels Checked

Actions earn ad dollars

Landscape Locations

Retailers confirm target locations

Local ads

Local consumers see ads

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Big data insights into your retailer relationships

Retailer reporting provides a snapshot of your retail network and helps you further develop your retail marketing strategy.

Retailer Pulse

Retailer pulse report

 Retailer Engagement Insights

Engagement and activity insights

Retailer Activity Monitoring

Live activity monitoring and more

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World Class Support

From retailer inquiries to account questions and retail marketing strategies - our Client Services team has you covered!

Retailer Marketing Support

Retailer Support Managers

Brand Marketing Support

Brand Account Managers

Hear From Our Brands and Retailers:


"Promoboxx helps us launch social programs in partnership with our Chevrolet dealers for an even more unified marketing effort online."

—Carolin Probst-Iyer


"We don’t stay on top of our online channels like we should. This is an easy way to keep them fresh and offer something of real value."

—Stanley Chevrolet, Gatesville, TX

Reebok Digital Retail Marketing


"Promoboxx solved the problem of local retailers utilizing our content."

—Cassie Heppner


"Promoboxx is a time saver and I can focus on other aspects of my business while utilizing this platform."

—The Locker Room, Clementon, NJ

Trek Digital Retail Marketing


"Given the high participation numbers, we are very pleased with how the program is turning out."

—Jeremy McKinley


"The best benefit of using Promoboxx is that it’s fast, current, and easy to post information and advertising."

—Kulshan Cycles, Bellingham, WA

GE Digital Retail Marketing


"This program drives consistency in messaging and execution all the way through our dealer structure."

—Larry Muennich


"This is so much easier than us having to go in and create the content ourselves, we find it very useful."

—Fred’s Appliance, Spokane, WA

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Stories of Brands That Support Their Retailers

Shaw Floors heightens consumer awareness by leveraging Promoboxx Local Ads to reach people near each of its local retailers.

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Nissan gets its entire organization involved with digital dealer marketing and experiences 98% dealer adoption in 90 days.

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GE Appliances leads co-op into the digital age with utilization of Promoboxx Local Ads and experiences increased consumer reach and retailer engagement.

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Timberland's Director of North America Marketing, Cassie Heppner, shares why independent retailers are critical in selling its brand story.

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Mohawk Flooring grew its consumer reach by inviting local retailers to promote content and saw 82% average retailer engagement.

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By aligning marketing content with its dealers, Electrolux experienced 79% average retailer engagement and an influx of consumer activity.

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Trek Bicycle expanded its North American digital retail strategy to Australia and received 88% average retailer engagement.

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By distributing co-branded digital content to local dealers, Kia grew its consumer reach and experienced 100% dealer participation.

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Reebok achieved 95% retailer participation and more consumer leads than all previous co-marketing efforts for "It Takes a Lot to Make a Classic" sweepstakes.

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