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Equip your retailers with customizable digital marketing assets and turn them into your best brand ambassadors. See your co-branded marketing content transform into local in-store sales.

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Brands Empowering Their Retailers


Local Awareness Generated

35 National Brands
35,468 Active Retailers
153,484 Local Campaigns Activated
4.1 Million Local Customers Reached

What's in the boxx?

Simplified digital marketing built for your busy retailers.

Built Easy for Your Retailers

Email notifications to keep your retailers in the loop with new campaigns, promotion reminders, and automated activity.

Built Easy for Your Retailers

Let us take all of your online marketing content and streamline it to your retailers, simplifying the process and eliminating roadblocks.

  • Simple Activation - Retailers receive an email invite to activate and share your content with a click of a button
  • Automation - The hands-free approach for retailers who want to automatically activate and share your content and receive an email when this is done for a new campaign.
  • View the activation flow
Built Easy for Your Retailers

Email notifications to keep your retailers in the loop with new campaigns, promotion reminders, and automated activity.

Increase Local Brand Exposure

Your branded campaigns showcased in your retailers’ online activity.

Increase Local Brand Exposure

Your retailers have already done the grunt work for you - utilize their established online presence to amplify your brand!

  • Automations for Facebook and Twitter - When activated, retailers will automatically promote your co-branded campaigns to all of their fans and followers.
  • Emailing - Retailers promote your content to their email lists, as well as generate new leads from campaigns
  • Website - Get in front of retailers’ consumers by showcasing your campaigns right on their website with banner ads
  • Downloadables - Provide retailers with downloadable content that they can promote through other social outlets, print ads, and blogs
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Landing Page

Seamlessly co-branded landing pages to host both your and each of your retailers’ info.

Work With Your Retailers as a Team

Make someone’s job easier and more efficient; they’ll love you forever. That’s the idea behind our easy campaign activations and customizations that will wow your retailers and keep them coming back for more.

  • Dashboard - Retailers can view all current campaigns available in one, centralized place and promote those selected with a click of a button
  • Customization - Retailers can customize the branded content to resonate with local customers and in-store experience
  • View co-marketing examples

Retailer Pulse

Pinpointed messaging to get in-front of consumers exactly where you want to through their mobile phones.

More Local Customers

Retailers share the most face-to-face time with your customers, understand the local culture, and have established loyalty and trust. Help them attract more customers into their store to purchase your latest offerings!

  • Incentivise - Reinforce desired actions taken by retailers by rewarding them with co-branded mobile local ads.
  • Geotarget - Tap into your retailers’ local markets and geo-target mobile ads to drive nearby consumers into their stores.
  • View Reebok's mobile local case study
More Local Customers

Pinpointed messaging to get in-front of consumers exactly where you want to through their mobile phones.

World Class Retailer Support

Ready to help by phone, email, or live web chat.

World Class Retailer Support

We believe customer support extends far beyond a welcome email from The support our Client Services Team gives our brands and retailers is the foundation of Promoboxx.

  • Brand Account Managers - Help you with strategic and platform support, retailers’ surveyed feedback, and insights to review and brainstorm
  • Retail Activation Managers - Help retailers with onboarding, platform navigation, promoting campaigns, and questions about campaign materials
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Retailer Pulse

Retailer activity data broken down for you with clear, concise visuals.

Insightful Retailer Reporting

Say goodbye to hoping, wishing, guessing that your retailers are using your marketing materials and hello to visibility! If you’re a data geek, meet your new best friend.

  • Campaigns - View retailer activations, activity, and share data to understand their impact on campaign reach
  • Retailer Pulse - Quick stats on engagement, consumer reach and automation of retailer network
  • Retailer Communication - View cleanliness of retailer contact information
  • Request my retailer pulse
Retailer Pulse

Retailer activity data broken down for you with clear, concise visuals.

Hear From Our Brands and Retailers:




"Promoboxx helps us launch social programs in partnership with our Chevrolet dealers for an even more unified marketing effort online."

—Carolin Probst-Iyer


"We don’t stay on top of our online channels like we should. This is an easy way to keep them fresh and offer something of real value."

—Stanley Chevrolet

"The platform helps us better connect with our retail partners, and they loved it."

—Bethany O'Dell


"This is such a great tool and a way to access content promoting upcoming brand product releases."


"Given the high participation numbers, we are very pleased with how the program is turning out."

—Jeremy McKinley


"The best benefit of using Promoboxx is that it’s fast, current, and easy to post information and advertising."

—Kulshan Cycles

"This program drives consistency in messaging and execution all the way through our dealer structure."

—Larry Muennich


"This is so much easier than us having to go in and create the content ourselves, we find it very useful."

—Fred’s Appliance

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Stories of Brands That Support Their Retailers

Throughout its partnership with Promoboxx, Electrolux has seen an average of 79% retailer engagement for each campaign, totaling 16,500 retailer actions and 742,000 consumer visits to date.

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By rewarding top accounts with mobile local ads to supplement traditional channels, Reebok Classics received over 300,000+ consumer impressions and 50% increase in landing page visits!

Download Case Study

Trek Bicycle engaged with local dealers for a co-branded Tour de France sweepstakes and achieved close to 400,000 leads and 800,000 brand impressions!

Download Case Study

By distributing customizable digital content to local dealerships, Kia extended its reach and achieved 100% dealer participation and 20,000+ consumer impressions.

Download Case Study

Reebok achieved 95% retailer participation and more consumer leads than any previous co-marketing effort for their "It Takes A Lot to Make A Classic" sweepstakes.

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