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Your retailers are your best marketing asset. Support them digitally with branded marketing content! The result? Local customers, retailer engagement and increased brand reach.

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Select all or a group of retailers to participate in your campaigns, validate retailer information and schedule engagement actions like sharing reminders.
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Allow retail partners to customize your national creatives to their stores. You control which aspects of the campaigns are customizable.
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Drive traffic to the customized campaigns while Promoboxx's retailer messaging platform kicks into gear. Retailers receive sharing reminders and a checklist of marketing tools.
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View retailer engagement levels along with campaign views, social shares, and lead counts. Determine your most effective content and survey retailers for ideas on your next campaigns.
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Case studies

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Kia's "Test-Drive for Tickets" Campaign To extend the reach of their "Test-Drive for Tickets" campaign, Kia distributed customizable digital content to local dealerships. By leveraging their dealer network, Kia achieved 100% dealer participation and 20,000+ consumer impressions over a three month period.
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Reebok's "It Takes a Lot" Campaign Reebok connected with its urban independent retailers and provided them with easily customizable online content for their "It Takes A Lot to Make a Classic" sweepstakes. As a result, Reebok achieved 95% retailer participation and more consumer leads for their retailers than any previous co-marketing effort!
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Trek Bicycle "Tour de France" Campaign Trek Bicycle engaged hundreds of local dealers across North America to present a more unified online marketing effort for Tour de France. With a co-branded sweepstakes page and other share tools, Trek achieved close to 400,000 leads and 800,000 brand impressions!
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